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Malpais and Santa Teresa Area Information

Giant Higueron (Banyan) tree in Cabuya The Malpais/Santa Teresa area is one of the most beautiful in Costa Rica. While electricity arrived here only around 10 years ago, rapid development has made it so that there are many modern services, while still maintaining a remote jungle feel. For the most part, the hills are still covered with jungle canopy, there are many wild animals and monkeys around, and not so many houses on the hills. You can still find beaches here nearly deserted at certain times of the year, and it's possible to have a set of waves all to yourselves, especially at Playa Hermosa.

The area has many great restaurants, from typical Costa Rican food, to many businesses set up by a variety of talented international chefs. You will find authentic food from Italy, Israel, Sushi, French, Thai, and many other fusion styles. Nearby Montezuma also has six or seven fantastic restaurants, including one of the best in the country, Playa de Los Artistas. We recommend one dinner there to everyone who visits. The menu is different every day, and often spectacular. On the Malpais side, the best restaurant is probably Mary's, at the far end of Malpais.

The big draw for Malpais and Santa Teresa is the surfing. There are dozens of great spots, including the world-class "Suck Rock" in northern Santa Teresa. There are many talented surf instructors and board rental places, as well as several surf schools. Many people take a class or two and try to learn. It can be a lot of fun to just rent a board and ride in the whitewash.

The Southern Nicoya is known for being "more international" than the more northern parts of the greater Pacific Coast of Costa Rica such as from Samara to Tamarindo.

In contrast, Malpais, Santa Teresa, and Montezuma are known for its "cultural smorgesbord" of people relocating from all over the world from countries such as Argentina, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, France, Sweden, Israel and the United States of America.
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